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Sneak Peak Video Tour

Mar 17, 2007 3,186 Comments by

We’re planning on launching docstoc very soon. In the meantime take a moment to watch the video tour of the site. The demo of the site in the video is an older version. We’ve since made many redesigns and improvments to the technology. But it gives a fair overview of the site, and should leave [...]

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Mar 14, 2007 16,642 Comments by

Docstsoc allows users to find and share any document. It provides a: (1) Vast Quantity (2) High Quality (3) Easily Accessible (4) Relevant Documents and Templates (5) For Free (6) In a Social Networking Platform to encourage communication between users Users can: * keyword search by meta-tags or through 3 levels of categories * filter [...]

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User Generated Content

Mar 14, 2007 15,390 Comments by

Documents are uploaded by the users. Docstoc does not crawl the web for documents. Users add their content to the system, and Docstoc hosts the documents. When content is uploaded, users 1) categorize, 2) tag, and 3) describe their document so that it can easily be found by other users. In addition users can use [...]

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Filter Results

Mar 14, 2007 16,727 Comments

Users are able to see how often each document has been downloaded, how it’s rated, its language, the date posted, its file type, the number of comments, and the profile of the user that uploaded the doc. Users are then able to sort their search results by any of these filters.

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Request a Document

Mar 14, 2007 21,148 Comments

If users conduct a search, but can’t find the document there looking for, they have the option to “Request a Doc�. Users enter the title of the document they are looking for, and any descriptive tags, as well as the file type and language. When any other user subsequently uploads a document with those specifications, [...]

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User Profiles

Mar 14, 2007 16,598 Comments

Users can create and view profiles. From their own profile, users can view stats and manage uploaded documents, communicate with other profiles, view recently downloaded files, and manage requested docs. When visiting other profiles, users can send messages, instant message with users online, and view all the uploaded documents of other users.

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Community Features

Mar 14, 2007 19,539 Comments

Users can: – add docstoc friends – search for members – see how they rank among users – view all the docs of other user profiles – post doc summaries to blogs & myspace using embedded codes – submit docs to facebook, digg,, reddit, and furl – email docs from their search to a [...]

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