AB 97- California Bill to Ban Trans-Fats in Restaurants

This is the Bill that Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law that will ban California restaurants from using trans-fats. It was. . .

50 Cent V Taco Bell Yum Brands – Featured Doc

It seems Taco Bell took a little too much free licensing of 50 cents image for their recent marketing campaign. The rap artist is now. . .

Twiistup Ticket Contest – Upload the Best Document and Win a Ticket

Twiistup 4 is being held this Thursday July 17th at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California. The event is sold out with 650. . .

7 Super Tech CEOs Who Used to Be Lawyers

As a recent law school graduate (never practiced law), and a current CEO of a technology company, I have a deep appreciation for both. . .

Web 2.0 Viral Videos

Comedian Ben Glieb, put together a series of viral videos for us. Here are a few of my favorites. More to come in later posts. Big. . .

10 Incredibly Awesome Documents to Help You Start a Company

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – these are over-hyped in my opinion and few angel or venture investors will sign them, but always. . .

How the 7 Deadly Sins Could Lead the United States into a Depression, not Recession.

There are some undeniable facts and historical trends that seriously indicate the economy is in much worse shape than most. . .

Webkinz – A Great Example of Web 2.0 Supporting Product Sales

I just saw Webkinz a Ganz Website uploaded to docstoc (presentation embeded below), and I started looking into Webkinz. Who knew it. . .

CA Hands Free Cell Phone Laws and Spoof

Last weekend we went camping with my best friend Ben Gleib for his 30th bday (check out his new video site ComedyJuice). I drove up. . .

Convert VoiceMail to Text with PhoneTag

I was reading Arrington’s post “Think Before You Voicemail” and his thoughts on how voice mail should be an obsolete method of. . .