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Viral Coefficient Presentation

Oct 30, 2008 22,863 Comments by

Tweet This evening I went to dinner with Neil Patel of ACS and David Niu of BuddyTV. We geeked out at Houston’s in Santa Monica and talked about everything from marketing tricks, to VC war stories, and email servers. Being a super smart Warton Grad and successful entrepreneur, David served up a variety of helpful […]

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Subprime Mortgage Mess: Financial Crisis Primer by Professor Robert Wright

Oct 29, 2008 No Comments by

Tweet This is the Powerpoint presentation by Professor Robert Wright, Financial historian at NYU’s Stern School of Business, entitled, “Subprime Mortgage Mess,” featured on Fox News’ “Saving Our Economy,” program hosted by David Asman. Subprime Mortgage Mess: Financial Crisis Primer as seen on Fox News – Get more Free Tax Forms

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Venture Capital Presentation Spoof

Oct 13, 2008 14,719 Comments by

Tweet In light of all the recent economic events, many investors and venture capital firms have been sending warnings out to their portfolio companies about the difficulties that lie ahead. They have been advising entrepreneurs about the need to conserve cash and start making money as soon as possible. This presentation has been flying around […]

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Have Questions or Need Help on Your Business… Join Me for Dinner

Oct 08, 2008 46 Comments

Tweet I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately from local aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to get together. Since I’m running my own startup, I haven’t been able to respond as fast as I would like for all the meeting requests. So I’d like to try something new. I’m inviting you to join me […]

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Memorable Presidential Debates

Oct 03, 2008 No Comments

Tweet Tonight was the Vice Presidential Debate for the 2008 Presidential Ticket between Senator Joseph Biden and Govenor Sarah Palin. Their performance aside, here are the Top 15 Presidential Debate Moments of the television recording era. Top 15 Presidential Debate Moments – Get more Docstoc Buzz

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Don’t Vote

Oct 02, 2008 21,867 Comments

Tweet A collection of Hollywood A-Listers show up to say Don’t Vote in reverse psychology 101 For my money, the best PSA I’ve ever seen (even slightly beats out “this is your brain on drugs”). Common Excuses Why People Don’t Vote Common Excuses Why People Don’t Vote – Get more Docstoc Buzz

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