Viral Coefficient Presentation

This evening I went to dinner with Neil Patel of ACS and David Niu of BuddyTV. We geeked out at Houston’s in Santa Monica and talked. . .

Subprime Mortgage Mess: Financial Crisis Primer by Professor Robert Wright

This is the Powerpoint presentation by Professor Robert Wright, Financial historian at NYU’s Stern School of Business, entitled,. . .

Venture Capital Presentation Spoof

In light of all the recent economic events, many investors and venture capital firms have been sending warnings out to their portfolio. . .

Have Questions or Need Help on Your Business… Join Me for Dinner

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately from local aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to get together. Since I’m running. . .

Memorable Presidential Debates

Tonight was the Vice Presidential Debate for the 2008 Presidential Ticket between Senator Joseph Biden and Govenor Sarah Palin. Their. . .

Don’t Vote

A collection of Hollywood A-Listers show up to say Don’t Vote in reverse psychology 101 For my money, the best PSA I’ve ever seen. . .