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Los Angeles Speaking Series #3: “Mistakes People Make Before Starting a New Business”

Dec 29, 2008 15,750 Comments by

As planned, I’ll be hosting monthly presentations/conversations each month throughout 2009 on different topics for entrepreneurs. These are FREE events, and my goal is to help contribute to the Los Angeles Technology Scene by bringing together various entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, social media experts, and professionals in the technology field. These events are put [...]

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Star Trek Lessons

Dec 10, 2008 7,672 Comments by

So yah, I was a huge star trek fan growing up, and proud to say it. Personally I wish our outgoing President watched so he could have been more familiar with the Prime Directive. So its with great pride that I highlight this document on docstoc: 10 Importnat Life Lessons from Star Trek 10 Important [...]

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The Venture Capital Industry: The Current State of Affairs

Dec 07, 2008 15,467 Comments by

There has been a lot of conjecture about how the Venture community will respond to the economic downturn. My personal opinion is that its going to be bad, really bad. If the limited partners who fund venture firms either a) change the percent of funds they allocate to VCs or b) don’t come through on [...]

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