How to Persuade People – Startups Uncensored #15

This month’s Startups Uncensored will be on “How to Persuade People”. It will be an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about the skills and techniques leaders use to influence others .

This month the session will be run by Jason Nazar, in a presentation format. The “How to Persuade People” presentation will be geared towards startups and entrepreneurs to learn and review the skills that will help them raise money, hire great talent, and land partnerships.

My 30 Day Challenge #1: 30 Straight Days of Charitable Giving

Because of Diet Coke and Matt Cutts I’m going to give to charity every day for the next 30 days…

A month and a half ago I made a bet with Sanaz that I’d stay off diet coke for a week if she refrained from coffee for the same period of time. I’ve probably averaged 1-2 diet cokes a day since I was a teenager (for the taste people, clearly not the reduction of calories). Its been a month and I still haven’t had any any soda.

This got me thinking, “What should be my next 30 day challenge?” I’m not however the only, or first, techie leading the 30 day challenge charge. The impetus came from my friend Matt Cutts at Google who kicked started his own set of 30 day challenges last year.