VIDEO: The Most Important Things in Business

DocStoc – Entrepreneur (3/23/11) from OC Creative Media on Vimeo.

Here was a recent video interview I did for Entrepreneur Magazine.  Its a short clip talking about Docstoc and my philosophy on how to break out of the pack by focusing on the “most important items”.

Its a common mantra I preach to our team.  There is an incredibly small number of items we work on that actually drive the great deal of our progress, we all know this as the Pareto Principle or the 80-20 Rule.  Our challenge and opportunity as business leaders is to identify those critical items and execute amazingly on that 20% of work that drive our business.

Ask yourself each day you come into the office, before you start your day – “what’s the one thing, that if I get done today, this week, this month, will have the biggest effect on my business”.  Write that down, and then look at those item(s) and check yourself to see what percent of your time you’re actually dedicating towards those efforts.

Many of us of have a tendency to work the LEAST on the items that will drive our businesses the MOST.  This is simply because those items usually take more planning, thought, time, or are simply harder to accomplish.  But, by consistently identifying and focusing on the most important things in business, and by prioritizing them to get the majority of our energy and time, we’re sure to break out of the pack and continue to see growth and success in our businesses.

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