Lessons Big Companies Should Learn from Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often lament big companies, but most of us hope we’ll create just that. It’s hard to fully appreciate the complexity. . .

Management Philosophy: Owners vs CEOs

Owner Management

Do Whatever Needs to Be Done – We are responsible for everything. There can’t be any hubris or ego about a job. . .

Raising Money from VC’s: The Art of the Pitch

The most surefire way to raise money is to have a great team, build a great product and get meaningful traction. Yet, I always get. . .

My Advice for 20 Yr Olds

This piece originally appeared in Forbes:  It was one of the most popular articles I’ve ever written with over 5M views.  It was. . .

How to Persuade People: My 21 Rules

How is it that certain people are so incredibly persuasive? Can we all harness those skills?  After  studying the most. . .

My Favorite Questions: they might change your life…

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire

“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions. . .

Grading Entrepreneurs: Here’s my checklist…

The following checklist is my comprehensive criteria for how to grade entrepreneurs.  I’ve developed it over the years by running

Super Successful People Do These Uncommon Things

You’re always going to get the same results, doing what everyone else does.  Sometimes you have to know when to zig where others. . .

Find Your Mentor: Here’s How…

I was an infamously odd student in business school and law school. I never bought books, rarely went to class, and hardly studied for. . .

How to Measure & Track Marketing

I’ve been a part of dozens (maybe hundreds) of product launches  And in each of these cases I ask my team to put together a simple. . .