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Don’t Take for Granted…

Jan 09, 2012 26,243 Comments by

Don’t take for granted your life, even if you think it’s filled with strife Don’t take for granted your health, it can’t be replaced any amount of wealth Don’t take for granted your friends, they may be all you have in the end Don’t take for granted your kin, for they love you in spite [...]

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The Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Jun 11, 2011 41,090 Comments by

I eat out almost every meal.  I’ll spend time on Citysearch and Yelp trying to find good new spots to try, but my preference is still to get great recommendation from friends.  Enter Leslie Wade, who put this list together for me below in an email (including the cute commentary), and I feel compelled to share it [...]

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The Unintended Consequences of Startups

Apr 18, 2009 19,585 Comments by

There is only one way I can imagine running a startup, obsessively giving it everything you’ve got. In my opinion its what separates the winners from everyone else, and it’s the only way I’d ever be able to look back on this experience without regret. But that kind of dedication comes with a price. And [...]

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