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Ten Tips on How to Make it in the Meet-up Scene Lasix mexico, The technology meet-up scene is an odd co-mingling of entrepreneurs, engineers, social media mavens, service providers, and up and comers.  Here are ten actionable tips to make the most of your meet-ups.

Meet More - the key to any meet-up is first to meet others.  Seems like that would be rather self explanatory.   But inevitably most meet-ups end up resembling a junior high playground where the 3 people that know each other stay huddled in a corner, wondering why the other kids are having more fun.  The biggest mistake most folks make is that they don’t meet more new people, lasix mexico. Make it your goal at every meet-up to approach 10 people you don’t already know.

Get Business Cards, Don’t Give Them – when you meet new important contacts don’t bother giving them your business card unsolicited, they’ll just end up in business card purgatory.  Do make sure to get their contact information and right then and there send them a follow up email, facebook/linkedin request, twitter shout out and you’ll meaningfully increase your odds of staying in touch.

Be the Connector – there is great value in positioning yourself as the person that can connect people at networking events and meet-ups. Lasix mexico, Take the time to introduce people that might be able to work together, are looking for jobs, or could be co-founders. Dr david whitting lasix minneapolis,   By positioning yourself as a connector at meet-ups you’ll find your professional/social credibility climbing steadily.

Do Favors for Others: the law of reciprocity dictates that people want to help other who help them. Most folks at meet-ups spend most of their time talking about themselves or seeing what they can get out of the situation. By being the person that focuses on helping others you’ll instantly stand out among the crowd and will build a bank account full of goodwill that you’ll be able to repeatedly withdraw from in the future.  For more on this watch my video on How to Persuade People

Make Sure Others Know What You Do – how many times have you left a conversation with a long winded person, still having no idea what they really do, lasix mexico.   Make sure everyone you talk to knows what you do, and could easily explain it to anyone else at the meet-up.  Your goal is to have lots of people talking about you, and it starts by having others easily be able to communicate what you’re all about.

Social Proof is Key – don’t make the mistake of telling others how great you are, get other people to do it for you.   Having someone else at the meet-up point you out or suggest that you’re an important person to get to know, is infinitely more valuable than anything you could do to talk yourself up.

Don’t Talk to Anyone for Too Long Lasix mexico, – the purpose of a meet-up is to meet as many people as you can, and likely no meaningful business will get accomplished there. Your goal is not to have a very thorough conversation with one person, it’s to identify as many people as possible that you might be able to work or connect with in the future. Have lots of short, bnp lasix, to the point, relevant conversations and you’ll open up the most opportunity.

Set Up Meetings Outside of Meetups – you can do everything right at the meet-up but if the connections end there, it’s all for not. Make sure to set up follow up 1 on 1 meetings where you can really sit down and get to know someone and build more meaningful relationships.

Be the Organizer – there is a lot more value being the organizer than the attendee, mostly because everyone knows the organizer, lasix mexico.  It may be more work up front, but the professional dividends that pay out over time make it well worth it.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time in the Meet-up Scene – even a good thing can be taken too far.  Some folks seem to be at every meet-up and are always the last to leave, but don’t necessarily seem to be getting anywhere in their professional career.   If you find yourself associating with the same people at meet-ups time and time again, none of whom are making meaningful progress on a new venture or job, it might be time to do more doing and less meeting. Lasix nuclear scan, Embed this article on your website or blog with Docstoc

How to Make it In the MeetUp Scene - .

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Converting From Torsemide To Lasix

Converting from torsemide to lasix, I often get asked for advice on Business Development.  I've spent most of my career in sales (or some sales like function), and here are my thoughts on how to be better with your BD.  This post is geared toward folks looking to do BD deals in the online world.

10 Tips for Better BD


1.) Get Warm Introductions – Typically 1 out of 10 people will email or call you back from a cold outreach.  So spend the extra time up front a find someone who knows the contact you want to get to know.  Who knows, you may find yourself getting a LOT less NOs.


2.) Deal with Decision Makers – Are you dealing with El Jeffe?  If not you could be wasting your time.  Make sure your contact has the authority to make your business deal go through.


3.) Only Pansy’s are Not Prepared - Once you get the contact on the phone, make sure you know everything about them.  Knowing the school, former jobs, current projects of your BD counterparts just makes you and your company look like that much more of an all star, converting from torsemide to lasix.


4.) ASK don’t TALK – Are you committing the Cardinal Sin of BD, I bet you are…  Don’t offer or sell your value proposition before you know what the other side wants to accomplish.  ASK lots of questions first; then start your pitch.

5.) Provide as LITTLE Information as Possible – How often have you heard “sounds interesting, send me more information”.  Information, Medication lasix cause an enlarged heart, a deal does not close.  Until you have buy-in from the other side, don’t waste your time on intricate pitch materials, you’re spinning your wheel and no one’s offering you any cheese.



6.) A Picture is Worth…  – When you do send information over, make sure you visually show the benefit to your potential partner.  Seeing how you might work together is infinitely more impactful that trying to describe in text, even if you did write the best 6th grade book reports.

7.) Manage the Follow Up Process – Treat you potential BD partners like kids in a summer camp, tell them exactly what you want them to do.  Why?  Because the other side is busy, and if you leave the follow up to them, it may not get done - schedule follow up meetings, get their phone numbers, be the first to send the contract over, lasix bioavailability, and take the lead on managing all aspects of moving the deal forward.


8.) Please, Persistence and Pressure – In business, the squeaky wheel gets the deal.  Your counterparts are busy, so busy in fact that they’re going to forget to do the things needed to get the deal done.  Putting pressure on them with follow up emails and calls, & being politely persistent will make sure that they pay attention.  And they’ll even thank you for it.



9.) Keep Excitement Up Until the Deal Closes- The idea of doing something together is much more exciting, than actually have to do the work to do something together.  The same excitement and enthusiasm that helps open up a new prospect, is needed just as much to see the deal through to the finish line.


10.) The Sale Begins After the Deal is Done – You closed the deal, Nvision atlanta lasix, so what!  Now the real work begins.  You spent a lot of time and effort making sure this deal went through.  Now you need to spend a lot more adding value and making sure you build on that relationship, otherwise it was all for not.  The tenth tip makes your better BD last.


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Side Affects Of Lasix

Side affects of lasix, There is only one way I can imagine running a startup, obsessively giving it everything you’ve got. In my opinion its what separates the winners from everyone else, and it’s the only way I’d ever be able to look back on this experience without regret. But that kind of dedication comes with a price. And anyone who has chosen a path of starting a business can tell you the unintended consequences of startups.

For the past 2 years I’ve neglected my health, family, and friends.For most of my adult life, I was about 165 pounds.I’m almost 210 pounds these days, and trust me when I say my body’s not meant to carry this much weight. 2 years ago I was running 6 miles a day 3 times a week, and playing competitive basketball and tennis.

After we raised our first round of capital I regularly started staying in the office until 2am.I found myself so physically and mentally spent by the weekend that I typically slept most the day on Saturday, before I went back to work on Sundays.I was so inactive, I’m convinced now my muscles started to atrophy and I tore the ligament in my right foot, trying to finally exercise one day.Compensating for that injury I tore my left calf, and it’s been 5 months since I’ve been able to run or jog.



It took me a while to admit that I was stressed out, and even longer to realize I would turn to food to compensate for that stress.Over the past year, I’ve become a more solitary person with my thoughts and emotions than I’ve ever been, while increasingly becoming a public figure who’s known as an outgoing social networker and showman.It’s a strange dichotomy.

My family has been both incredibly supportive but also upset that I’ve seemingly disappeared. I have three (quite) older siblings, and we’re undeniably close, side affects of lasix. But while they’re all proud of me, they disapprove of my unbalanced lifestyle, lasix wikipedia. My brother and I share opposing sides of duplex, he’s literally a wall away from me. But I can often go 2 weeks without seeing or talking to him. My sisters are busy raising their kids, so they can relate a bit more. Side affects of lasix, But like so many others, our conversation often come back to them asking me “why don’t you ever want to talk about what’s going on in your life”.

My father who I love dearly, isn’t only from another generation/country, he might as well be from another planet.He struggles the most to be supportive; I know he’s at least a little disappointed I didn’t practice law and take over the family real estate business.A lot of what I do is to make him proud and prove to him that all his hard work for his children was not in vain.If it were up to my father, we’d spend everyday together going to lunch and “working” side by side.I get to see him about once a week.He’s almost 80 and every time I see him I try and cherish the interactions, because I don’t know how many will be left.

When it comes to my family though, my lack of time affects me most in relation to my mom. My mother has been severely ill for the last 6 years. Due to mental illness that set in later in life, and a very early onset of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, she can’t hold a conversation, stand, eat, or function at all without full time caregivers. She is the person that has done more for me than anyone else, and was always my biggest cheerleader. She lives about 5 minutes away from my home. She doesn’t always remember my name, but every time I see her she lights up, and when I say “I love you”, she always says it back, side affects of lasix. I could leave the office every night at 8:00pm and give her a hug and kiss, spend a half hour with her, but I don’t. Lawsuit lasix, Our first office was across the street from her (not accidentally), and I’d walk over during the day to check on her. Since we moved further away, I typically go by to see her once every two weeks. It’s a choice I’m not very proud of.

Friends are a little bit easier to handle, I’ve have the same ones since I was 5, and you build up a little bit of “friendship equity” after 20+ years. Side affects of lasix, But for a long time they did stop calling me, knowing I always turned down plans for work. It was a little disconcerting to see my closest friends just write me off for the time being as someone who was never free to hang out. But there were also cases of severe strains with some of my close friends. I pulled back from engaging and interacting with them, and felt that if someone wasn’t at that startup with me on a daily basis, that it took too much effort to try and explain the intricacies and emotions of the experience.

Dating has been a totally surreal experience.I went from being a hopeless romantic “when harry met sally” type, to literally not even thinking about relationships in the least bit.The extent of my effort with girls for a long time consisted of texting them on a Friday/Saturday night at 11pm to meet up when I had finished my work.

I think I’ve reached my breaking point, at least for now, and mostly in regards to my health. Somehow I know my relationships will work out, but I often find myself feeling like I’m working at 40% of my capacity and energy, and I think its due in large part to poor physical habits.

In the last year I’ve probably met close to a thousand entrepreneurs.And the ones I’ve consistently bonded with the most, were those folks willing to do whatever it took, and make any sacrifices to be successful.Starting and running a company is the joy of my life right now, post catheter incontinence lasix useage, and gives me a greater sense of purpose than anything I’ve done before.Its come with a price though, and I know a lot of other folks like me are thinking through and struggling with issues of balance and the unintended consequences of pouring yourself into that which you love and defines you.


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Coronary Bypass Surgery And Lasix

Coronary bypass surgery and lasix, Is there a difference between tech startups in Silicon Valley vs. Los Angeles. Most emphatically, Yes!

I’ve spent the last year running a tech company based in Santa Monica, CA and I’ve spent countless weeks in the Bay meeting with hundreds of tech founders. As unreliable as stereotypes may be, these are my generalizations.

Bay area founders are amazing technologists. They build obsessively user focused products, do a fantastic job at virally driving a ton of traffic, but usually have their head up their ass when it comes to making money, coronary bypass surgery and lasix.

Los Angles founders are hustlers and deal makers. They are more focused on the bottom line and care more about their P&L than their products, which tend to be messy, difference between lasix and hydrochlorothorozide.

At parties in the Bay people talk about Twitter, Friend Feed, what’s being written on Valleywag and Techcrunch, and kickball games between VC’s and entrepreneurs.

At parties in Los Angeles people talk about a media deal they're “closing”, what TV star is at the party, and some “gray hat” spam-like technique that made them an extra 100K last month. Coronary bypass surgery and lasix, Folks in the Bay are generally way more obsessive about their products, work harder/longer, can be a bit snobby about their accomplishments and tend to be clique-ish.

Folks in Los Angeles are shrewder business people, have better interpersonal skills, Lasix surgery astigmatism, but are more full of shit and two faced, and struggle to build products that get virally adopted.

Some of the Entrepreneurs in the Bay I've learned the most from are:
Greg Tseng – smartest person I’ve ever met about user viral marketing and A/B testing
Michael Arrington – undeniably the hardest worker, obsessive about his product and content
Mark Zuckerberg & Reid Hoffman – hands down built the two best consumer internet applications on the web
Raj Kapoor – a hawk about understanding the metrics that drive the growth of online communities

Some of the Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles I've learned the most from are:
Kamran Pourzanjani – best deal maker and negotiator in the web space I've met
Matt Coffin – guru at scalable revenue models and identifying and exploiting profit centers
Peter Pham – best networker / connector in web 2.0
Jason Calacanis – master promoter of online buzz / controversy
Michael Jones – most intuitively curious and overall talented web entrepreneur in LA

Other than just trying to piss a bunch of people off for hyper-generalizing, there is an important take-away.

The next few years will be an economic apocalypse the likes of which most of us have never lived through before. Many are going to get washed away in the storm, while others will show their true colors and rise to the cream of the crop.

In order to succeed in the future, web entrepreneurs will have to learn how to incorporate the DNA of both Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

The goal is to be monetization masters who are focused on consumers and build viral, capital efficient products, lasix cheap online no prescription, and to leave behind the full of shit, spam artists who are snobby about not making money.

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Kidney Imaging Flow With Iv Lasix

Kidney imaging flow with iv lasix, I've been getting a lot of requests lately from local aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to get together. Since I'm running my own startup, I haven't been able to respond as fast as I would like for all the meeting requests. So I'd like to try something new.

I'm inviting you to join me for dinner at our new docstoc office. I'll provide the location and the food for everyone, and save my evening to help however I can, does lasix decrease excretion of lithium. I'm happy to answer any questions or give feedback related to How to Raise Money, Marketing, Sales, Launching your Product, Writing a Business Plan, Lasix how long last, Getting Customers/Users, or any other topic where I might be able to provide some value.

I'd like to cap this first dinner at 25 folks. Here are the details:

Monday October 20th

7:30pm at

1317 5th Street suite 300

Santa Monica CA 90401

If you'd like to attend please leave a comment below, and I'll save a space for you.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, Jason, lasix skin allergy.

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Does Lasix Cause Hyperkalemia

Does lasix cause hyperkalemia, I've spent a lot of time thinking about starting businesses, helping people start businesses, and trying to start my own.

When I was 7 years old I started my first business - "Loans Incorporated" - it went like this....

I never got an allowance, but for some reason I got an obscene amount of lunch money, $3 dollars a day. My Persian Jewish father Nuri Nazar seemed to be overly concerned that I should buy the best lunch food the cafeteria could offer, and woefully under concerned that I should have a fixed allowance to budget.

So being the toddler capitalist I was, Lasix withdrawal, I would loan out $2.00 a day to my classmates and have them sign a sample contract I drafted up. (I wish i still had one of those original handwritten ones), does lasix cause hyperkalemia. In return my classmates had to give me back $0.25 the next day plus my two dollars. I really had no idea at the time that I was teaching myself about finance and getting a better return compounded yearly than the Google IPO.

The first few weeks were so successful that I remember when my friends Sammy, Jack, and Hootan were at my house, I put thumbnail tacks on different parts of my World Map, telling them all the locations we were going to open up Loans Incorporated Branches. (Hootan started crying because he said he was supposed to go into the family jewelry business), lasix for dog. Does lasix cause hyperkalemia, However, as fate would have it, my plans were dashed when the principal had to get in the middle of a dispute between a "customer" not paying me back (I think her name was Jenny). Who knew loan sharking was illegal.

When all was said and done though, I did start my first business in the 2nd grade. And "starting" is 90% of the battle in my mind.

Most business don't fail because they fail... they fail because they were never started, does lasix cause hyperkalemia. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me "I had that idea first", I could re-capitalize Loans Incorporated and would have completely self financed docstoc. Lasix water retention, My strong advice - stop talking and get in the game. I tried to put my thoughts in a bitting and humorous presentation. So here is my advice on Mistakes People Make Before Starting a New Business.

[slideshare id=297640&doc=10-mistakes-people-make-before-starting-a-new-business-1204956540422995-5]


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We are very pleased to announce that Docstoc has secured its Series B round of financing for $3.25M. The round was led by Rustic Canyon Partners, and we are incredibly excited to be part of their wonderful family of companies. rustic-canyon.jpg. The Series B funding will enable us to build the largest repository of publicly available documents and to help connect our users (that's you!) looking for content with professionals across a variety of categories. So as you might imagine, we're building out our team and looking to hire some all-star talent, on both the technology and business side. Take a look at the Docstoc Jobs Here is our full press release, share the story/document by embedding it on other sites
Docstoc Series B Funding Press Release - Get more documents

Docstoc Selected for TechCrunch40

techcrunch40.jpg Over 700 start up companies applied to be selected for the first annual TechCrunch40 Conference in San Francisco California on September 17th and 18th. Docstoc was selected as 1 of 40 companies to unveil their product for the first time. Check out the press coverage here and here

Docstoc Raises Series A Round

venturebeat.jpg As reported in VentureBeat, docstoc closed its Series A round of financing. Among those participating were Scott Walchek, of Integrity Partners; Brett Brewer, of Intermix, which was the parent company of MySpace before it was sold to News Corp.; Robin Richards, founding president of; and Rick Smith, former managing director at Palomar ventures.

Docstoc is Now in Private Beta

Docstoc is up in private beta. We will still be making a number of changes and improvments to the site. If you would like to request a password to be one of our first beta members please email and let us know who you are.